Reservations will only be accepted on agreement to the following terms and conditions. Should you wish to seek clarity on any part of this document, e-mail the Hotel Management. We would advise that a copy of this page be printed and kept for your own reference.

  1. In consideration of reserving with the hotel, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself and the guests as prompted by the reservation request form (with such information being referred to as the "Registration Data").

  2. We will hold the room for the guest until 13:00 GMT the day following the scheduled arrival date (unless otherwise specified by the guest and agreed by the hotel in writing), regardless of the length of stay the reservation is for.

  3. Reservation requests should be accompanied by a deposit  and/or credit/debit card details valid until the date following the scheduled arrival date. Without these details we can not guarantee any reservations (unless otherwise stated by us in writing) and contrary to this may deem a reservation void at the hotels discretion. The rates quoted for rooms are subject to variation with availability and may change without prior notice. The final rate applicable to a reservation will be as per the stated on the reservation confirmation.

  4. The maximum number of people staying in a room is determined by the bedding capacity of that room, i.e. the number of beds present to properly accommodate guests. Guests staying must be of the names that were provided in the registration form upon check-in in at the hotel and can only be modified upon agreement with the hotel.

  5. Promotions are subject to numbers allocated for promotion by the hotel which vary. We reserve the right to close/refuse a promotion at any point prior to a booking being confirmed.

  6. When a confirmation of a reservation is sent to the customer, the room quoted in the confirmation may vary to the one given to the guest upon arrival at the hotel, however the room given will always be of the same or higher bedding capacity. In such circumstances a refund will apply for the difference between the rates of the grade differences.

  7. If the guest does not arrive, or does not cancel the reservation by 17:00 GMT, 72 hours prior to the day of arrival, (unless otherwise given in writing by us the hotel), we may charge the provided credit/debit card the equivalent value of one nights accommodation at the agreed rate or potentially the value of the entire stay depending on the conditions of the specific promotion or rate. Bookings may only be amended if notice is provided by 17:00 GMT, 72 hours prior to the day of arrival, and subject to availability and confirmation by the hotel. Such confirmation would be in the same method as that of booking, i.e. e-mail confirmation for internet reservations.

  8. The hotel will not be held responsible for any loss, damages, charges, injury through neglect or otherwise as a result of your failure or otherwise to meet with any of the terms and conditions within this document. We strongly advise that adequate travel insurance is taken as necessary.

  9. All communication in relation to internet made reservations should be communicated by e-mail or alternatively through the hotels website. Any changes made or information obtained by the customer from the Hotel Reception may be considered void/invalid if not supplemented by an email to confirm the same.