Prodeo Production

Prodeo can provide event production services including weddings, fashion shows, conferences, parties and corporate functions. We can take what makes Prodeo special, pack it up and take it on location to intriguing venues. We are equipped to bring our culinary arts, creative concepts, unique presentations, fresh interiors and stylish decor, and the right staff. Of course, we have your event covered from audio to visual with the right DJs, VJs and entertainers providing the necessary spark to set your event off and apart from the rest. Not sure where to go? We have you covered with help on the venue selection. When necessary we partner with a select group of proven travel agencies, concierge services, hotels and event spaces that allows us to properly scale our service to your needs.

Prodeo's reach goes beyond its physical presence in Buenos Aires. Producing events around Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other hot spots in Brazil, we can bring the goods and help you make a memorable time for your guests, company or clients with an organized and sensible plan. 

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics. The most important component in the production of any event. From ideas to planning to organization to execution, while we like to keep it fun, we are grounded in the fundamentals of what makes an event cost effective and keeps it running smoothly.

Ultimately we want to use our experience and connections to make memorable, unique and exciting events in South America. So, if you are thinking of trying to pull off the impossible, perhaps we can help make it happen.